Board of Directors


Robert Carpenter

Developer and retired contractor

Director/Finance Committee

Sharlene Hawksby

Business woman and parent


Ed Baartman

Financial Investor and parent

past president

Allan Skuce

Retired Tech Consultant


Clive Martin

Retired and a long time supporter


Jeannie Martin

Counsellor – link to Edenvale 


Sjoerd Nap

Retired Professor

The HOME Society is currently recruiting dynamic leaders to join its Board of Directors for a three year term.

Gentle Teaching is the philosophy the HOME Society embraces, this approach is not selective in its application and is at the core of all that we do. At the Home Society we do not view those we support as broken and in need of repair, but rather as complete individuals with gifts and warmth and laughter to share. We create a culture of gentleness and unconditional love, a culture of relationships and reciprocal acceptance. We do not use the tools of behavior modification…restraint, time-out and consequences, but rather the genuine tools of gentleness….our words…our presence…our eyes…..our touch. 


  • Knowledge of the community
  • Commitment to our organization’s mission and strategic directions
  • A commitment of time
  • Openness to learning
  • Knowledge of housing, real estate development, homelessness, finance, business, media, fund development and prior board experience is an asset


  • The Board of Directors are collectively accountable to the community, funders and other stakeholders.
  • They are accountable for the Society’s performance in relation to its mission and strategic objectives and for the effective stewardship of financial and human resources.

General Duties:

  • All Directors are expected to be fully informed on Society matters and participate in discussions and decisions in matters of policy, finance, programs, personnel and advocacy.
  • Prepare for and attend Board meetings
  • Work as a team member and support Board decisions
  • Participate in the review of the Society’s mission and objectives and the development of a strategic plan
  • Demonstrate loyalty, commitment and fiduciary responsibility
  • Monitor the performance of the organization in relation to objectives and core values
  • Be assured that the Board and its committees are adequately and currently informed- through reports and other methods – of the condition of the Society and its operations
  • Be assured that reports properly reflect the operating results and financial condition of the Society
  • Ascertain that management has established appropriate policies to define and identify conflicts of interest throughout the Society, and is diligently administering and enforcing those policies
  • Appoint independent auditors subject to approval by members
  • Approve the budget and monitor financial performance in relation to it
  • Abide by the by-laws, code of conduct and other polices that apply to the Board
  • Establish, review and monitor policies that guide core operational practices (e.g. financial management, human resource management)
  • Participate in fundraising activities of the Society
  • Participate in hiring, performance evaluation and releasing the Executive Director
  • Participate in the recruitment of new Board members
  • Participate in the self-evaluation of the Board
  • Attend and participate in the Annual General Meeting
  • Keep informed about community issues relevant to the mission and objectives of the Society

If being on the HOME Society Board of Directors appeals to you fill in the application for the Board of Directors.