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A culture of gentleness

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The Tools

Within a Culture of Gentleness, caregivers use themselves as the tools to teach others to feel safe, loved, loving and engaged – their own presence, words, hands, and eyes.


Answering the Tough Questions About Gentle Teaching

G T Resources

Gentle Teaching Activities/Worksheets usefull in training and in Kitchen Table talks


A Gentle Teaching Mentor is a knowledgeable role model of gentleness for their team. They play a key role in sharing a culture of Gentleness

Video Resources

Video resources include the work of John McGee produced by HOMES and videos from North America, South America and Europe

Available training

There are many qualified people and organizations who offer Gentle Teaching training across Canada.

Gentle teaching is many things

"The central purpose of our prensence in the lives of others is to nurture, teach, and sustain the experience ofr connectiveness, companionship,and community"
Michael Vincent
"Every human being needs to live connected with others in an equal and mutual relationship, and embedded in a loving and caring community."
Dr. John mcGee