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Gentle Teaching is the philosophy the HOME Society embraces, this approach is not selective in its application and is at the core of all that we do. At the Home Society we do not view those we support as broken and in need of repair, but rather as complete individuals with gifts and warmth and laughter to share. We create a culture of gentleness and unconditional love, a culture of relationships and reciprocal acceptance. We do not use the tools of behavior modification…restraint, time-out and consequences, but rather the genuine tools of gentleness….our words…our presence…our eyes…..our touch.


Organizations across Canada are actively collaborating with one another and our Gentle Teaching International partners to expand on and strengthen our cultures of gentleness through the development of Gentle Teaching Mentors and Trainers. Our focus is to strengthen the fabric of companionship and community for all those we serve — children, adults and families that are struggling with mental illness, experiencing disability, homelessness, addictions and involvement with the criminal justice system. The following organizations are recognized as Cultures of Gentleness by Gentle Teaching International (GTI) and employ certified Gentle Teaching Mentors and Master Mentors within their respective organization.

Regina SK.
Abbotsford BC
Saskatoon SK.
Ottawa ON.


Through the use of our four tools, educators and caregivers are taught that they themselves are instruments of peace, bringing messages of non-violence, forgiveness, empathy and total acceptance. These tools are not fancy, tricky to use, or expensive. They are things that we use everyday to connect with those around us — our hands, our eyes, our words, and our presence. Our tools are instruments to connect and build relationships with those around us.


HOMES trains in many ways. Below is an example of Kitchen Table Talks used in monthly meetings. There is a new theme focused on Creating a Culture of Gentleness in our homes.

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