Get the gift of a smile

Bryce and Casey are better known as the HOMES Geeks. They have the skills to transform your old computer donation into a useful computer.
Your donation of a computer will create opportunities and a sense of belonging for disabled men and women, low income families, children and teens.

Your Donation​

To donate your old computer or laptop just fill in the form below. It would be great if it was in working condition. Don’t worry about having all the parts, our computer lab has plenty. Computer died. No problem we can probably get it going again and pass it on.​

Our refurbishing

Bryce has been fixing computers for nearly a decade. We use free and donated software as well as online options. Our computer lab is well stocked with parts. If we need some extra parts or a little help we call Mike’s computer Shop which is just across the street. Casey has just joined the crew. We want to see a smile on your face.​

 We provide new opportunities

Thanks to donations we have refurbished computers ready to go out the door. We donate some and sell other for $25 to $40. This helps to pay for parts and extras needed. Our goal is to get as many out the door as possible. We want to see lots of smiles.

Your computer donation brings opportunity and hope.

Bryce working on a donated laptop